Newest circuit diagrams

Infra Red Remote Control Tester

A simple IR receiver to facilitate in testing of Infra Red Remote Control handsets.

24 Second Shot Clock

This is a circuit intended to be used in basketball shot clock.

Personal alarm

Small, portable, anti-bag-snatching unitAlso suitable for doors and windows control

LED Flasher

This LED flasher circuit uses any DC supply from 3V to 12V. Flash rate is controlled by R1,C1 and R2,C2. Larger values create slower fash rates, smaller values higher flash rates.

Two Simple Crystal Test Circuits

Two simple test circuits to check operation of quartz crystals.

Alarm Power Supply

A 12 Volt power suppiled designed for Ron's Modular Burglar Alarm. However, being a popular supply voltage this circuit will have many other uses as well.

Temperature-controlled Fan

Gradually increases speed as temperature increases Widely adjustable temperature range

Neon Desklamp

This circuit will power a 6 inch 4 Watt fluorescent tube off a 12 volt supply, consuming 300 mA. It may also be powered by a suitably rated universal AC/DC adapter. Advantages of the design are: good light, low power consumption, and readily available stock parts.

One-IC two-tones Siren

Double-tone Police sound. Single-tone old ambulance sound

MotorCycle Alarms 5 & 6

These are two - easy to build - relay-based alarms. You can use them to protect your motorcycle - but they have many more applications. If you use relays with 6-volt coils - they'll protect your "Classic Bike". Both alarms are very small. The completed boards occupy about half a cubic-inch - 8 cc. The standby current is zero - so they won't drain your battery.