LED circuit diagrams

Dark-activated LED or Lamp Flasher

Simple photo-sensitive circuit. 3V battery supply

Fading LEDs

Two strips of LEDs fading in a complementary manner. 9V Battery-operated portable unit

LED or Lamp Flasher

Minimum parts counting - Improved version. 3V battery operation

Blinking Arrow

17 LEDs in four groups bar-mode sequence. Suitable for shop-windows animation etc.

LEDs or Lamps Sequencer

Very simple, versatile modular design. No limits to the number of modules used in the ring

Bar-mode Lights Sequencer

Can drive up to 15 LEDs or LED-clusters. Selectable Bar-length

Battery-powered Night Lamp

Ultra-low current drawing 1.5V battery supply

LED Torch

A common problem with small torches is the short life-span both of the batteries and the bulb. The average incandescent torch, for instance, consumes around 2 Watts.

Bicycle back Safety Light

Flashing 13 LED unit, 3V supply. Also suitable for jogger/walkers

Two-LED Pilot Light

230 or 115 Vac mains operated. Very simple circuitry