Digital circuit diagrams

Model rocket launch controller

It has the ability to control up to 8 pads through a 6 core cable.

Logic Probe

This logic probe uses a single CMOS 4001 IC and can display high, low and pulsing outputs.

Digital Step-Km Counter

Max. range: 9,950 meters with two digits. Slip it in pants' pocket for walking and jogging

Digital Combination Lock

A multiple input combination loack using CMOS counter IC's. Flexibility and code change is allowed by changing output connections.

Bidirectional Photoelectric System

Detects and counts inputs and outputs. Suited to control Lamps, Household Appliances etc.

Voltage Comparator

This circuit will provide an indication whenever the input voltage differs from two defined limits, V1 and V2. The limits are adjustable and the circuit made to trigger from the adjustable "window".

Decimal to BCD Convetor

This circuit will provide an output in Binary Coded Decimal from any of the input switches. The input switches may be expanded to 16 switches, providing a Hexadecimal to BCD conversion.