DC to DC circuit diagrams

Multiple Output DC Converter

A DC converter circuit taking one single DC input and converting to parallel multiple DC outputs.

Variable Voltage Regulator

Variable Voltage Regulator

Universal DC-DC Convertor

This circuit will generate a smaller DC output voltage from a larger DC input voltage.It is quick and simple to make and by changing the value of the zener diode, the circuit can be universally adapted to provide other output voltages.The circuit and all diagrams represent a DC convertor with 12V battery input and 9Volt DC output.

1.3 Volt Power Source

This is a replacement power source for 1.3V mercury cells or other small batteries. It has many uses and I use this circuit in my computer to power a front panel multi adapter which has a digital thermometer.

Soft Start PSU

Two soft start power supplies. The output voltage slowly increases to the desired output.

9 Volt 2 Amp PSU

A simple 9 Volt 2 amp supply using a single IC regulator.

LM317 Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator is an LM317T, and should accept up to about 14 volts without problems. It can handle up to 1 amp.