Battery charger circuit diagrams

Broken Charger-connection Alert

Detects if a device is not properly connected to its supply Suitable for battery chargers, portable appliance supplies etc.

Nicad Battery Charger

A basic nicad battery charger using a single medium power transistor.

Solar Battery Charger

A solar battery charger that uses a shunt regulator to prevent overcharging. Circuit uses a 12V solar battery, but can be adapted for other voltages.

Adjustable Power Supply with Charger Output

This power supply has adjustable and charger output. The charger circuit can be use for cellular phone. The adjustable output serves as multipurpose power supply. It can handle a 1 ampere current. The 317 must have a heat sink.

Alarm Power Supply

A 12 Volt power suppiled designed for Ron's Modular Burglar Alarm. However, being a popular supply voltage this circuit will have many other uses as well.