Newest circuit diagrams

Milligaus Meter

The circuit provides an easy yet reliable way to detect the intensity of a.c. (or e.l.f.) fields around the home or workplace.

Triac Based Light Controller

This project is intended for controlling mains powered disco lighting, although there are many other possible uses for controlling almost any mains appliance. It will control five seperate channels at up to 3 Amp per channel. This could be increased by designing another PCB with wider tracks than the PCB included with this design. I could have used relays to control my lights, but triacs seemed like a more sensible solution as they react quicker and are totally silent as they contain no mechanical parts.

Emergency Light & Alarm

This circuit is permanently plugged into a mains socket and NI-CD batteries are trickle-charged. When a power outage occurs, the lamp automatically illuminates. Instead of illuminating a lamp, an alarm sounder can be chosen. When power supply is restored, the lamp or the alarm is switched-off. A switch provides a "latch-up" function, in order to extend lamp or alarm operation even when power is restored.

Power Zener Circuit

In this circuit a zener diode is "amplified" by a set of power transistors. The transistors substantially increase the current and power to the load.

3 Zone Duress Alarm

This is a 3 zone alarm for use in high risk areas or possible duress situations. Typical examples being banking or betting booths. The alarm consists of 3 normally open push button switches which can be hidden or in plain view. Once pressed the alarm will latch and a LED will light showing which zone has pressed the alarm.

Curtain Control Circuit

This hybrid circuit uses a mixture of transistors, an IC and a relay and is used to automatically open or close a pair of curtains.

Halloween Flashing-eyes Badge

Two-LED-eyes follow the rhythm of music or speech. 3V Battery-operated device suitable for pins or badges

Nocturnal Animals Whisker

A low-rate flashing lamp drives away undesired visitors Automatic on-off operation