Light and music circuit diagrams

Dancing LEDs

LED sequencer: follows the rhythm of music or speech. 9V Battery-operated portable unit

Simple Color Organ

Three Lamp-Channels Output. Built-in Electret Microphone

Triac Based Light Controller

This project is intended for controlling mains powered disco lighting, although there are many other possible uses for controlling almost any mains appliance. It will control five seperate channels at up to 3 Amp per channel. This could be increased by designing another PCB with wider tracks than the PCB included with this design. I could have used relays to control my lights, but triacs seemed like a more sensible solution as they react quicker and are totally silent as they contain no mechanical parts.

Halloween Flashing-eyes Badge

Two-LED-eyes follow the rhythm of music or speech. 3V Battery-operated device suitable for pins or badges