FM transmitter circuit diagrams

FM Stereo Transmitter

This is a small stereo FM transmitter. Output can be tuned from 88to 108Mhz and the transmitter can be battery powered or be used with the low voltage power supply on this page.

Portable FM Transmitter

A portable FM transmitter that can be used to replace a FM microphone.

30 Watt VHF Amplifier

The 30 watt amplifier schematic shown below provides an appropriate power boost with an input of 4 watt up to 6 watts. The circuit is designed to cover 88-108MHz FM Broadcast Band.

2 Transistor FM Transmitter

This circuit may be tuned to operate over the range 87-108MHz with a range of 20 or 30 metres.

FM Transmitter Circuit

An low power FM Transmitter using an op-amp as the audio preamp and a single transistor as the RF amplifier.

Long Range FM Transmitter

With a good matching 50-ohm ground plane antenna or multi-element Yagi antenna, this transmitter can provide reasonably good signal strength up to a distance of about 2 kilometres.

4 Transistor Transmitter

This circuit provides an FM modulated signal with an output power of around 500mW.

FM Transmitter

A small FM voice transmitter for Band 2 VHF