Sensor and control circuit diagrams

10 Way Electronic Switch

This is a 10 way electronic latching switch using just two push-to-make switches. Each output can be latched on and off independently.

Power Outage Warning

5 to 15V supply - LED indicator. Adjustable time detection

Live-line Detector

Detects the presence of a live mains conductor Minimum parts counting

Capacitive Sensor

Special design for shop-windows animation. Useful for many types of touch controls

Switch De-Bouncer

This circuit will remove the transient spikes and contact bounces from a non-latching push button switch.

Latch Switch 2

This circuit uses a Silcon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) as a latch switch. Once enabled it can only be turned off by pressing S2 or power is removed from the circuit.

Water-level Indicator

Simple, two-wire, remote monitoring unit Three-LED level display, 9V battery powered

Beat Balance Metal Detector

A Beat Balance Metal Detector made from discrete components.

Camera Switcher

This circuit can be used for multiple cameras with one monitor. The circuit can be operated manually or automatically.

Dark-activated 230V Lamp

Compact circuitry using small-size parts only Can be wired in parallel to existing switches