Misc power circuit diagrams

Supply Voltage Indicator

A novel supply voltage monitor which uses a LED to show the status of a power supply.

Fuse Monitor Indicator

The simplicity of this circuit uses just two components, but with just one resistor and an LED this circuit gives visual indication of when a fuse has blown.

AC Current Monitor

Senses high current-flow into power cables No wire-cutting, three versions available

Flashing-LED Battery-status Indicator

Signals when an on-circuit battery is exhausted. 5V to 12V operating voltage.

Battery Status Indicator

There are many circuits available on the net, for indicating battery status.

1.3 Volt Power Source

This is a replacement power source for 1.3V mercury cells or other small batteries. It has many uses and I use this circuit in my computer to power a front panel multi adapter which has a digital thermometer.

Mains Remote-Alert

Beeper and/or LED remotely-operated via mains supply line Simple circuitry, easy to build units

120 and 240Vac LED Voltage Indicator

Useful for power lines control. Simple, transformerless circuitry

Add-On Current Limiter for Power Supplies

This circuit allows you to set a limit on the maximum output current available from your PSU. It's very useful when you power-up a project for the first time - or carry out a soak-test.

Smart Trailing Socket

Mains sockets switched automatically by a Control Socket Up to 1000W switched power