LED & Light circuit diagrams

Dancing LEDs

LED sequencer: follows the rhythm of music or speech. 9V Battery-operated portable unit

Battery-powered Night Lamp

Ultra-low current drawing 1.5V battery supply

Two-wire Lamp Flasher

Ideal to operate 3 to 24V DC existing on-circuit lamps. LED operation is also possible

LED Torch

A common problem with small torches is the short life-span both of the batteries and the bulb. The average incandescent torch, for instance, consumes around 2 Watts.

Bicycle back Safety Light

Flashing 13 LED unit, 3V supply. Also suitable for jogger/walkers

Simple Color Organ

Three Lamp-Channels Output. Built-in Electret Microphone

Two-LED Pilot Light

230 or 115 Vac mains operated. Very simple circuitry

Fine Control SuperBright LED Pulser

Four timing controls - 12V supply. Suitable for Halloween or Christmas props.

Push-bike Light

Automatic switch-on when it gets dark. 6V or 3V battery operation

LED Flasher

This LED flasher circuit uses any DC supply from 3V to 12V. Flash rate is controlled by R1,C1 and R2,C2. Larger values create slower fash rates, smaller values higher flash rates.