Audio circuit diagrams

2 Watt Amplifier for 8 ohm load

An audio amplifier made from discrete components with 2 Watts audio power into an 8 ohm load. Carlos has used this amplifier on his AM radio for many years.

The GEM: Class-A/AB Amplifier

The GEM is an audio power amplifier embodying simultaneously active Class A and Class AB output stages for 100+ Watts into a 4 ohm loudspeaker. The front end pcb will drive up to 100+W variants, or the 200+ Watts version into a 4 ohm loudspeaker load.

Audio Bargraph Display

An easy to use LED bargraph display to monitor audio levels. Circuit monitors a single channel, so build two for stereo.

Audio Voice-Over Circuit

This is a circuit where a microphone and preamp circuit (voice circuit) have priority over any other audio signal. You can think of this as a one way intercom, if the main amplifier is used for listening to music, then when the push to talk switch is pressed, the amplifier is switched to the voice signal.

High Quality Intercom

A very high quality intercom, which may also be used for room monitoring.

32 Watt Amplifier

A 32 Watt per channel stereo power amplifier made using the TDA2050V monolithic integrated circuit.

6 Input Mixer

A simple mixer with 3 line inputs and 3 mic inputs using commonly available parts.

25 Watt Power Amplifier

This is a 25 Watt power amplifier complete with separate preamp and tone controls. In addition the circuit has a loudness control (to boost bass at low audio power) and options for super bass and super treble enhancement. This is ideal for Ipod's, MP3 or CD players or can be used as a booster amplifier.