Audio circuit diagrams

Tremolo Effect Generator

Stand-alone, 9V battery powered unit. High overload margin, low distortion circuit

Guitar Preamp with Tone Controls

An electric guitar pre-amp with tone controls using dual supplies. The guitar pickup is high impedance, therefore good quality screened cable must be used between guitar pickup and the preamp.

Hi-Fi Preamplifier

This circuit has an exceptionally fast high frequency response,as demonstrated by applying an 100kHz squarewave to the input.

Headphone Amplifier

An amplifier to drive low to medium impedance headphones built using discrete components.

Audio Peak Level Meter

Using a single MOSFET Op-amp this circuit samples the audio input and displays peak readings.

Tone Control

Based on the classic Baxendall tone control circuit, this provides a maximum cut and boost of around 6dB at 10K and 50Hz.

Audio Level Meter

Audio levels can be monitored using a small panel meter with this circuit built from discrete components.

Buffer Amplifier

hifi preamplifier designed to convert high output impedance amplifiers to 600 ohm outputs.

Mini Portable Guitar Amplifier

Can be fitted into a packet of cigarettes. Also suitable as Fuzz-box

Low Voltage Preamplifier

A low voltage preamplifier optimized for 3 Volt operation.